Play Matters – Playing Outdoors


With the clocks going forward, the evenings are now longer so what a great time to encourage parents to get their children outdoors to play. Many of us will have fond memories of playing outdoors as we were growing up – the sense of freedom that can be gained from running about and playing outside generally brings a sense of fun and happiness that is hard to rival.


Playing outdoors brings lots of health benefits to – please click here to download Playing Outdoors briefing sheet which you can circulate amongst parents, contacts and social media #playmatters


Play Matters TV Campaign


The Play Matters TV campaign has gone live on UTV, ITV breakfast and daytime C4.


Please click here to view the schedule for the TV campaign.


Also, please click here to download ‘Top Tips for Parents’ booklet aimed at parents/carers of children aged 0-4 years as part of the Give Your Child a Helping Hand campaign. This lovely resource has some tips for parents on talking, listening, and playing with their child alongside guidance on encouraging positive behaviour, promoting emotional and physical well-being and using digital devices sensibly.



Play Matters – Playing with nature, mud and getting dirty



Who can remember being outdoors building dens, climbing trees, making perfumes from leaves and flowers or playing with mud, stones or water? These types of childhood outdoor play experiences have been declining over time and children today are therefore having much less contact with the natural world.


Please click the link to download our first play briefing sheet for 2019 ‘Playing with nature, mud and getting dirty’ aims to help parents consider the importance of letting children have contact with the natural world including their exposure to bacteria and germs and indeed, playing with mud, making a mess and getting dirty!