Little Hands Sure Start

  Address: Rosemount Primary School
Helen Street
BT48 9DD
Telephone: 028 7136 7524 or 028 7126 7524



LHSS works within the Creevagh/Springtown/Foyle springs/Rosemount wards with children from womb to aged 4 years and their families.


Wards Covered:

  • Crevagh
  • Foyle Springs SOA 2
  • Rosemount
  • Springtown


Location of Sure Start Project:

  • Ringfort Road


  • Rosemount Primary & Nursery School (Building)
    Helen Street


Services on Offer:

  • Home visits
  • Nurturing programme
  • Incredible years Programme
  • PEEP Play programmes
  • 2 Year old Programme
  • Respite
  • Registered Childminders Drop In
  • After School club
  • Creche facility
  • Infant massage
  • Men & toddler group
  • Parent & Toddler groups
  • Home based programmes
  • Communication & language support
  • Ante natal & Post natal support
  • Personal development programmes
  • Family carers support
  • Community Library
  • Counselling support
  • Behaviour management support/Toilet Training support/Dump Dummy support


Who is responsible for Sure Start (Partner’s Names)?

Sure Start Committee consists of the following:

1 x Rosemount Primary & Nursery School
1 x Rosemount Resource Centre
2 x HSC
1 x PHA
1 x Local Pharmacy
3 x Parents
2 x Lead & Accountable Body rep’s (BHCP)


What happens once I register with Sure Start?

Once you register with Sure start a home visit takes place to discuss what programmes or services that you and your child can access for support. Once this has been agreed with yourself then both you and your child can begin using the services and have a key worker that you can always talk to that knows your family well.


Comments from families on Sure Start:

  • ‘N really enjoyed the last home based programme bag she received. She got loads out of it. Played with it for ages’. (parent)
  • ‘The 2 YOP is a great programme and really prepared my child to move to the nursery’. (Parent)
  • ‘Extremely beneficial to L, she has become independent, her speech has improved a lot and she is interacting more with other children’. (Parent)
  • A was finding it hard to settle in at the start. The staff were very helpful in coming up with ideas to help him. I have noticed that his speech and communication skills have developed well over the year. Thank you’ (Parent)