Edenballymore Sure Start

  Address: Lis Linn Centre
Central Drive
Creggan Estate
BT48 9QG
Telephone: 028 7137 1670
E-mail: Deirdre@surestartebm.com



SureStart Edenballymore provides a range of early years care and education services within the Triax area of Derry City.


SureStart Edenballymore aims to give every child in the area the best start in life through better health, childcare, play and educational programmes.


Develop strategic and operational partnerships within the education, statutory, voluntary and community sectors to deliver better outcomes for children by providing both universal and targeted services.

Provide primary and community health care and advice by working in partnership with primary and community health professionals and specialist workers in areas such as midwifery, health visiting, breast-feeding counsellors, speech and language therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, teachers etc.

Improving children’s ability to learn & improving children’s emotional & social development.

Consolidate SureStart’s range of services and programmes promoting early year’s care & learning focusing on the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of children, ensuring quality and value for money.

Increase access to the parent support programmes promoting attachment and nurturing positive parent child interaction.

Maintain and develop Early Years provision through partnership with schools, community, voluntary and statutory organisations.

Work in partnership to promote Early Intervention as the model that all agencies and others should commit to promote better outcomes for children.


Wards Covered:

  • Beechwood
  • Brandywell
  • Creggan Central
  • Creggan South
  • Strand
  • The Diamond
  • Westland


Services on Offer:

Services provided by SureStart Edenballymore include:

  • Family Support
  • Early Years Care & Education programmes (crèche, 4 SureStart Developmental     Programme for Two to Three Year Olds, & Nursery Play clubs)
  • Health & Wellbeing Programmes
  • Nurturing, Attachment & Play Programmes
  • Parenting Programmes


Who is responsible for Sure Start (Partner’s Names)?

SureStart Edenballymore Board of Directors


What happens once I register with Sure Start?

Once registered a member of the family support team will contact you to arrange a home visit to talk about the services on offer and your family’s needs.  We will provide support to access services including transport and motivational support.  We will add your details to our information system so you can receive regular newsletters and information via text on services for young children and families.


Comments from families on Sure Start:

  • Baby Massage Plus – In response to the question, ‘What were the main benefits to you and your baby from participating in the programme’, one parent said:Bonding, relaxation and a better general awareness of the importance of taking time to spend one-to-one time with my baby. Baby enjoyed the experience very much.In response to the question, ‘please tell us what you plan to do differently (have done differently) as a result of taking part in the programme, one parent said:I learned a lot about baby brain development & the importance of tummy time & reflexology and will put these into practice.
  • Baby Matters – In response to the question, ‘please tell us what you plan to do differently (have done differently) as a result of taking part in the programme’, one parent said:Weaning will be different following the advice from the session. I will not be using a baby walker – following advice paediatric Physio session. Playing more with baby – using songs and hands as opposed to toys.Another said:I loved baby yoga – my daughter was so excited when we sang and did the different movements. I met other mothers and we were able to talk about different concerns. It was the great start to the week and I looked forward to it and will miss it now it’s ended. The different speakers informed me of important information that I will need bringing up my daughter. Margaret is so welcoming and I enjoyed the craic with her.
  • PEEP – In response to the question, ‘tell us the main things that you and your child gained as a result of the programme’, one parent said:I learned to play more and make time for play time as it’s important to interact more with my child. I also feel I have more patience with my child.In response to the question, ‘are you doing anything today in your parenting role that you did not do prior to this programme?’ – one parent said:I am reading more books with my son and trying to be more involved in playtime with my child.


Newsletters:  Yes Sent to every registered family in September, January, April & June.