Sexual Abuse & Domestic Abuse

The relevant strategies in Northern Ireland are:

Tackling sexual violence and abuse: a regional strategy 2008-2013 (PDF) (2008) is a cross departmental strategy involving the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety (DHSSPS) and Department of Justice (DoJ). It sets out what Government intends to do to tackle the issues of sexual violence and abuse in Northern Ireland under four inter-related strands: Leadership and Direction, Prevention, Protection and Justice and Support.

Tackling violence at home: a strategy for addressing domestic violence and abuse in Northern Ireland (PDF) (2005) sets out the government strategy for tackling domestic violence and abuse in the key areas of prevention, protection and justice, and support.

The domestic violence strategy and sexual violence strategy are being amalgamated with the intention of issuing one new joint strategy after 2014. The first join action plan was published in 2012 Tackling domestic and sexual violence and abuse April 2012 – September 2013 (PDF).