Western Childcare Partnership Conference 22 March 2018



Supporting Families

The Western Childcare Partnership would like to invite you to a conference to look at Supporting Families on:

Thursday, 22nd March 2018 at 9:30 am – 200 pm in the Silverbirch Hotel, Omagh

Aims of Conference: Sharing Best Practice in Supporting Families

There are many factors that influence children’s development during the early years of life. Parents and families are central to the process as they are the child’s first caregiver, model and educator.  Issues such as maternal & child health during and after pregnancy, the home environment, the family’s social and economic conditions and parenting styles during the early years  will have an influence on the child’s development. So much so that consideration should also be given to the wider physical environment and the networks and structures that support parents in their role of raising happy, healthy, confident individuals. The early years and childcare sectors can do much to support parents with this role.  This year’s conference is intended to share knowledge, information, ideas and best practice on a variety of ways the early years and childcare sectors can support parents and families.


Click to download the agenda


Applications can be made through our website: www. http://childcarepartnerships.hscni.net/training-quality/ under ‘CPD Training’.  Or by emailing your contact details to: Lauren.Griffiths@hscni.net.  Attached is a flyer and an agenda containing further information.

A National Survey of Holiday Clubs for Children and their Families

Researchers at Northumbria University are currently undertaking an evaluation into holiday clubs for children in Northern Ireland.  As part of this research, we would like to find out further information on organisations providing holiday clubs.  The aim of this survey is to improve our understanding of the location and types of holiday clubs available to children and their families.

​If you would like to participate, on behalf of your organisation, we invite you to complete the online survey.  The survey will take approximately 6 minutes to complete.


Safefood – Start Campaign


Please click here for information on Safefood new Start Campaign


This 5 year campaign will begin in November 2017, and focus on a healthy weight for children and ‘will aspire to be a society-wide movement that will inspire and support parents to start building and persisting with healthy lifestyle habits’.


For more information and to access the range of resources linked to the campaign go to www.safefood.eu or www.makeastart.org

Petition to keep Childcare Vouchers open to new entrants beyond April 2018


Please sign and share a petition urging the Government to keep Childcare Vouchers open to new entrants.

 A soon to be mother has launched a petition urging the Government to keep Childcare Vouchers open to new entrants beyond April 2018. Our charity is raising awareness of the petition to have this issue debated in Parliament and highlight just how much this support means to families. If you agree please sign (and share) the petition at the following link:


Petition to keep Childcare Vouchers open beyond April 2018!


You will need to enter your email address and will be sent an email with a link. Once you have clicked the link in the email your signature will be verified. Please share this petition as widely as possible with friends, family and colleagues so that it can reach the 100,000 signatures needed.  As well as this email, we have posted links to the petition on our Facebook and Twitter pages to make it easier to share.


Why are we supporting this petition?

As a charity that works to support families to be better off we regularly give advice to parents about the different forms of financial support available to assist them with their childcare costs, and help them choose what is best in their particular circumstances, whether that is Childcare Vouchers or another form of support. Our charity is urging the Government to keep Childcare Vouchers open to new entrants alongside the new scheme, Tax-Free Childcare, so parents can continue to choose the financial support that best suits them and their families. This is especially important since our work with parents shows that many families will receive more support under Childcare Vouchers compared to Tax-Free Childcare.