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Home Childcarers

A home childcarer allows parents to have their children cared for in their own home. They’re professional childcarers who give safe care.

A ‘home childcarer’ may also be known as a nanny. A home childcarer, or nanny, works in the family’s home, caring for their child or children. Some can live in, others come to work daily, and others share their time between two or more families. They do not have to be registered and inspected by their local HSC Trust and are not governed by national standards. However, home childcarers or nannies may now be approved under a light touch scheme, the Home Childcarer Approval Scheme, which introduces minimum requirements and suitability checks

The advantages of using a home childcarer are:

  • your child can form a close, one-to-one relationship with their carer in
  • his/her own home;
  • your child has his/her own toys, books, food and so on, close at hand;
  • brothers and sisters of different ages can be looked after together;
  • you have a high degree of control over your child’s routine, diet,
  • activities and play environment;
  • often more flexible hours can be offered than is available from some
  • other forms of childcare;
  • evening babysitting, taking sole charge of your child when you are
  • away may also be available;
  • you and your child do not have to travel to the childcare setting;
  • your child is cared for in his/her own community and can easily take
  • part in local clubs and activities;
  • your children can be looked after at home when they are not well;
  • you may be eligible for financial help towards the cost through the
  • childcare element of the Working Tax Credit and employer-supported childcare, for example, childcare vouchers.


The Home Childcarer Approval Scheme

The Home Childcarer Approval Scheme provides recognised status for individuals providing childcare in a child’s own home. Whilst this type of childcare is not required by law to be registered, the checks undertaken by Health and Social Care Trusts (HSCT) provide a basic level of assurance for parents. Using an approved home childcarer also entitles parents to access childcare benefits and support that is made available by the Government. For more information click on the link below

Employing an approved home childcarer – a guide for parents


Finding a Nanny

It is down to you as a parent to find a nanny, to check their suitability and to arrange contracts and wages. No financial help is available for hiring a nanny.



A nanny is paid by you the parent to look after your child in your home. They can live in or come to your home for set days and hours. Some may have nursery nurse training or childcare qualifications but they do not have to.

Nannies are not inspected or registered by Social Services unless they care for children from more than two families. That means it is down to you to interview them and check their references.

Nannies can be convenient and flexible for your family and will allow you more say in your child’s routine. They are especially useful if you have more than one child.

However, you are responsible for employing them and sorting out contracts. It can be hard to build a lasting relationship as there is a chance that the nanny will move on.

There is no help for costs of nannies through the Working Tax Credit.



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