How Childcare and Early Education Can Help You and Your Child

There are so many different kinds of family, all with a variety of needs and demands on their time and income.  You’ll need to work out which is the best arrangement for you – from a personal point of view, as well as a financial one.


Benefits For Your Child

  • High quality childcare and early education give your child a head start in primary school, as research shows that it improves their educational, emotional and social development
  • Children with experience of high quality childcare and early education do better in Key Stage 1 national assessments in English and Mathematics at age 7.
  • Children who attend a good quality setting are more likely to be more independent, better able to concentrate and more sociable at the start of primary school.
  • The benefits of part-time attendance are just as good as those of full-time attendance.

Benefits For You

  • There are lots of different good quality childcare arrangements on offer which you can mix and match to suit your daily schedule, working hours, study or training. To help you make the right choice for you and your child.
  • Flexible ways of working give you the chance to fit in childcare and studying too.
  • There is also financial help from the Government to make childcare more affordable, regardless of whether you are working or not.