The Playwork Education and Training Council NI (PETC NI)

The Playwork Education and Training Council NI (PETC NI) is one of the four advisory forums feeding in to the Playwork Education and Training Council UK an employer-led group from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, which advises ‘SkillsActive’ – the Sector Skills Council for Active Leisure, Learning and Well-being.

Sector Skills Councils are UK-wide, employer-led organisations which are licensed by the Department for Employment and Skills to cover a specific sector.  SkillsActive is the officially recognised and licensed organisation that sets the best quality standards for skills, offers effective training solutions and facilitates career development in the sport, fitness, outdoors, playwork and caravan industries.  Its activities encompass everything from setting standards for qualifications to helping individuals find the right career and directing employers to the best training for their staff.

Further information on SkillsActive, including publications and resources can be obtained from the website

The primary role of PETC NI is to ensure a coordinated approach to the implementation of the UK Strategy for Playwork Education and Training.  Its role and function is to oversee development and implementation of Quality Training, Quality Play in Northern Ireland.  Additionally PETC NI makes recommendations to the Playwork Education and Training Council UK (PETC UK) on issues of strategic importance.  Appraisal of sectoral issues informs review and monitoring of Northern Ireland’s Implementation Plan.  In the longer term, playwork priorities for Northern Ireland include higher-level qualifications to be available and funded, a feasibility study into the need for a foundation degree in playwork and the establishment of an education and training centre for playwork.

Click here to download An introduction to Playwork Qualifications and Careers in Northern Ireland’