Quality Assurance Schemes

What are Quality Assurance/Accreditation Schemes?

Quality assurance schemes (QAS) offer early years providers the opportunity to gain recognition for the quality of service provision.  They are designed to promote the highest quality experiences of care, play and education by encouraging childcare providers to reflect on and evaluate their practice.

While each QAS is unique and designed specifically to meet the diverse needs and requirements of the service being provided, the goals and objectives of all systems are similar.  QAS available in Northern Ireland provide a way to measure, review and improve quality practices on a continuous basis.  The broad, collective objective of these systems is to ensure that children have stimulating, positive experiences and interactions that nurture all aspects of their development.

Mentors or Adviser will support providers through the process and independent Verifiers or Assessors will check that they meet the standard required.  Each QAS encourages the collective participation of management, staff and families, working together to ensure positive outcomes for children.


Who provides Quality Assurance/Accreditation Schemes?