Parenting NI – Parenting in a Pandemic Survey


Last week Parenting NI launched a survey for you to have your say on how the current situation is affecting you and your family. Parenting NI is dedicated to providing not only a range of supports and services for you but also to provide you with a voice in these difficult times.

The purpose of the survey is to gain a better understanding of how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting families here in Northern Ireland. We want to ensure that our local politicians, leaders and policy makers hear directly from families so that they gain a true understanding of the pressures they face.

We would really appreciate you taking the time to complete the survey, it should only take a few minutes and can be found here.



The Northern Ireland Children’s Spare Time Project – Survey

PlayBoard NI, as part of the UK Play Policy Forum is working with Professor Helen Dodd from Reading University on a research project – The Northern Ireland Children’s Spare Time Project.

We are asking parents in Northern Ireland with a child aged between 5 and 11 to complete a survey on how their child/children spend their time, their own beliefs and attitudes to children’s activities, their child’s wellbeing and their own wellbeing.

The survey will take around 20 minutes to complete with all parents who complete the survey contacted in approximately 12 months time to complete the survey again. Participants are encouraged to take part if they are willing to do so again in one year.

The first 400 people who complete the survey will be sent a £10 voucher and if they complete the follow-up questionnaire next year they will receive an additional £10 voucher at that stage.

To find out more go to