Monthly Message in a Minute: Beyond Momo


Message in a Minute from the Western Digital Safeguarding Steering Group: Beyond Momo


The reaction to the Momo challenge reminds us to communicate with our children about anything that worries them, both offline and online.


In today’s fast-paced digital environment, it can be difficult to not be swept up by the unhelpful wave of “moral panic” particularly if reputable organisations, You Tubers and celebrities circulate warnings that are unfounded or not robustly ‘fact-checked’.


Although Momo has been widely discredited as a malicious hoax, children may still feel distress, so it’s important that their worries are acknowledged, explored and allayed. This can provide an opportunity to model critical thinking skills by starting a conversation with children about the presence and impact of misleading information and ‘fake news’.


Read the experts’ advice:


Parentzone and Internet Matters, which includes five tips to protect your child from viral challenges.


You may also wish to explore Full Fact, an independent fact checker website that covers a wide-range of reported topics including Momo.



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