Early Childhood Workforce Development Survey

Responses to the ‘Early Childhood Workforce Development Survey 2017’, being carried out on behalf of the Childcare Partnerships, have reached an encouraging 37%.

The purpose of the survey, underlying the importance of obtaining the best response rate as possible, is to:

  • Clarify the availability of childcare places and their location across Northern Ireland;
  • Profile the current qualifications held by early years practitioners; Identify future training and qualification needs;
  • Inform and support the development of early years policy, including the Executive childcare strategy; and
  • Facilitate the development of a business case aimed at supporting sectoral need

Your continuing assistance in completing survey submissions, sharing information on the survey and encouraging others to complete responses remains vitally important.  The questionnaire can be completed online (preferred) via survey monkey.  Alternatively, a hard copy can be obtained by contacting and returning to Early Years HQ on 028 9066 2825 ornoelm@early-years.org.

Early Childhood Workforce Development Survey 2017 (online survey)